Juice Strengths


It took time and a few lessons learned on the way, but we finally know we have a great network of suppliers across the globe to be able to execute a good event, anywhere.
We now have a trustworthy and experienced team of humans to weave events into reality: stage designers, sound/lighting designers, video producers, editors, scriptwriters, 3D designers, graphic artists, logistics managers, stage directors, artists, MC’s, event staff and even friends with decent chocolate.


  • We understand the difference between digested communication and sensory spam.
    Just because that’s the way it’s usually done, that doesn’t mean it’s the way you should do it.
  • Go for the bells and whistles when needed, appreciate simple when that’s all you need.
  • Don’t waste other people’s money, and YES, we consider this strategic thinking.


Juice operates as an ethically sound business practices, within our own company and within our supply chain as well. We are concerned about the material waste generated through events, and make every effort to recycle and regenerate materials.
We also make a point of only working with people who say please and thank you as well.


Let us brag a little here.
We think offer more transparency and accountability to our clients than our competitors in Japan. Combined with a solid sense of good ethics in business, we think our juice is good juice.


We really wanted to put this one at the top, but nobody wants to even feign to be impressed with ostentatious creativity at the expense of someone else’s wallet.
Shying the slippery road to creative accountancy, we’ll just say Juice is incapable of not injecting a little bit of juice into any project we execute. It’s in our blood.


In Japan it’s important. Really. Just believe us.


Unless you really wish to personally enjoy the “Lost in Translation” experience with your market at your company’s expense, consider this strength a noble one.


Just checking to see if you are really reading this.