PiKuMi  is a platform for geolocative audio tours. Play with it to experience moving audio experiences.
Start by looking for walks nearby. From the main list you can browse and search for experiences. The closest ones will always show first.
As we grow, we will update content regularly. Please be patient with us as we try to get this right.

When you’ve found something you like the sound of, you can don your headphones and hit ‘start’. This will stream audio on your mobile connection, so if you want to save your data, download the walk first.

For some tours, if you want to do a tour virtually, that’s fine too. Just download and listen in manual mode. Of course, we think it would be ideal if you could be there to experience this in person, but you can still enjoy a good yarn from the comfort of your living room.
To manually play content you will need to disable ‘autoplay’ by hitting the pause button.
After you’ve started the experience, you can see your current position as the blue dot. Entering an ‘echo’ (zone on the map) will trigger that content, and the zone will highlight on the map.
Tapping on an ‘echo’ on the map will bring up more info, or you can switch to the ‘echo’ list view using the button at the top right.

To best experience PiKuMi, download the experience in advance, get yourself to the start location, and then put your phone in your pocket for a more immersive listening experience.

If you have any problems, visit the ECHOES website (echoes.xyz) or drop us a line at info@juice.co.jp